About this blog?

This blog is about the things that happen while you’re traveling around the world for one year, trying to build a software label / company (mainly for your own software) while you’re on the go.
So there are mainly three [+1] categories:

About myself?

Well, I’ve been

  • founding companies since the eighties
  • coding since the eighties
  • designing software since the eighties
  • consulting on sw-processes since the nineties

And now I’m about to go on a journey to build another software company – 21st century style while I’m roaming the planet … at least that’s the plan


2 Responses to About

  1. @ScrumMasterNZ says:

    Great idea and even better to see you put it in to action. I would love to do the same maybe from the “other” end of the earth! @ScrumMasterNZ

  2. That sounds like a plan 😉
    We’ll meet someday and chat on this in person, I hope!

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