To blog or to edit? Some thoughts on WordPress publishing

This blog has not been dead for the last two month – but it actually looked that way.

A worried e-mail from a business friend who asked if I was still alive – even if she used different word – brought that to my attention.

Why it is an unfortunate idea to re-edit and re-publish word press posts

Edits in a WordPress-powered and -hosted website are invisible to the casual eye. They do not show up on top of the article list. Actually they neither show up on top in the web UI nor does the RSS feed include an update notice. And – at least with the theme I use – the edit date is almost invisible in both cases. Plus it does not make sense to edit the publication date because that would violate the w3c rule on cool URLs since the publish date is part of the article’s URL.

What’s the problem anyway?
What I did was publishing some partial information (among other things because of early feedback, to ingrain a ship-it mentality in myself and to have option to fail early) and then adding to it periodically. As a way of content creation this might work, but it is not the way people seem to expect a blog to work.

How I plan to handle changing content in WordPress blog posts and pages from now on

Two options came to my mind and I intend to realize them both. Blogging about changes to other entries and preferring pages over blog entries for editorial content.

Blogging about changes – especially when a link to the updated entry is included – allows interested parties to keep up to date (even when they are following the content via RSS) And the partial shift of editorial content from the blog-stream to WordPress pages frees the blog-stream mentally from the burden to contain only “important” articles.

— Michael
Singapore  – Saturday, July 2 2011


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Traveling the world, living life and building another software and consulting business - perhaps. Although I've been dubbed "serial entrepreneur", I'm still caring about the craft of software development & have been consulting on software development processes and architecture since the last millennium.
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