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Rules of travel

When I set on to this all it was merely a strange idea to change the focus of my company and my own way to conduct work. Now I’m wondering whether I am on a Grand Tour like the nobles … Continue reading

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Dry run – London

Before the real journey around the world begins I need to get a feeling for a couple of things. In my future past job that would be a so-called [Spike] – doing part of the real thing without really committing … Continue reading

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Modes of travel

In this age it’s really simple to roam the world – for the price of one four-person four-week high-season vacation you can easily get a round the world ticket from various merchants. Add 50% and you can even travel round … Continue reading

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Setting up the utilities

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get from naught to operations with regard to software development? In the end this post will describe how to go from a clean OS X system (aka out of the box) to … Continue reading

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Curious? Stay tuned…

As Alan Kay once said (IIRC): The best way to predict the future is to invent it. And for my future I predict lot’s of upcoming changes… Current Stage: Preparation Estimated day of bigger changes: 2011-04-01

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