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The little tea house at 3 Jalan Kg Kuli, Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia  – Tuesday, July 5 2011 I’m just coming back from an amazing afternoon and evening here in Melaka, Malaysia. This is so ‘not western’. I love it! After my Hotel here in Melaka turned out to be … Continue reading

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My Life – Boxed

I’ve been a traveling consultant most of my life. And the last couple of years I thought my life was pretty uncluttered in terms of stuff accrued. Starting a one year journey certainly sets ones mind straight at some things. … Continue reading

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Three days, three countries – need to slow down

Ok, it’s only been three days since I started with the first step of my “1000 mile Journey” (actually more like several thousands of miles but that wouldn’t fit the quote…) and I’ve been in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. … Continue reading

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Rules of travel

When I set on to this all it was merely a strange idea to change the focus of my company and my own way to conduct work. Now I’m wondering whether I am on a Grand Tour like the nobles … Continue reading

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Modes of travel

In this age it’s really simple to roam the world – for the price of one four-person four-week high-season vacation you can easily get a round the world ticket from various merchants. Add 50% and you can even travel round … Continue reading

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Reducing the Software Load

Another question that arises is the necessary amount of software to take on such a journey. Apart from the development tools (handled later on) one of the more annoying topics is the choice of an office suite. Honestly I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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