Rules of travel

When I set on to this all it was merely a strange idea to change the focus of my company and my own way to conduct work.

Now I’m wondering whether I am on a Grand Tour like the nobles from the 19th century or if it’s more like a “Walz” – which can roughly be translated as the journeyman year(s).

To sharpen the picture for myself a bit I tried to set up a small set of rules for this journey borrowed mostly from the concept of the medieval german walz – which is somehow fitting.

  • Not closer than 50 kilometers (I kept to 50 miles btw.) to home
  • No town twice (exempting harbors, train stations and airports)
  • Only carry on luggage
  • Performing my craft on the journey
  • An uneven number of crossings of the date line (this one actually is not from medieval times, but ensures that I really go completely around the world)

[A very nice summary of this german tradition has been brought to my attention by Stefan Tilkov]

So why is this journey like the journeyman’s years from medieval times?
For the last couple of years I’ve been exclusively on the consulting side of the business – mainly concerned with processes and architecture.
Now I intend to (re-)learn the craft of software development. And with my current experience and depth of knowledge in the fields I plan to venture into – namely Objective-C and Ruby – journeyman seems to fit the bill for me.


About Michael Mahlberg

Traveling the world, living life and building another software and consulting business - perhaps. Although I've been dubbed "serial entrepreneur", I'm still caring about the craft of software development & have been consulting on software development processes and architecture since the last millennium.
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