Dry run – London

Before the real journey around the world begins I need to get a feeling for a couple of things. In my future past job that would be a so-called [Spike] – doing part of the real thing without really committing to the delivery just to get hard, measurable data. In my current situation in only means visiting a conference in a city I’ve been to before without following my reflexes for booking a hotel.
So while visiting QCon in London I won’t do my usual routine of staying at the business hotel around the corner from the conference but take the opportunity to a) visit an old friend and b) find out how easy it is for me to find a place to stay at a sustainable rate.
What’s the problem with that? Well, if you travel around the world for one year £200 per night is not sustainable! At least it is not sensible to pay ~100.000€ over the course of the year to live in quarters so small. But of course I’m in the comfortable position that I’m only a couple of hours away from my hometown and that I don’t have to find a sustainable accommodation. I can always “Fall back” to the point of view that this is a business trip – and check into the aforementioned business hotel around the corner of the venue.
We’ll see how this works out!

[I’m about to leave London now and it actually worked out quite well! Thanks to Leo & his girlfriend for letting me stay at their place in such an uncomplicated, warm and friendly way!]


About Michael Mahlberg

Traveling the world, living life and building another software and consulting business - perhaps. Although I've been dubbed "serial entrepreneur", I'm still caring about the craft of software development & have been consulting on software development processes and architecture since the last millennium.
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4 Responses to Dry run – London

  1. Udo Pracht says:

    Maybe Airbnb is of some use for you. It’s a worldwide marketplace for accomodations – no hotels. If you don’t already know it, you might want to take a look.

    Best Regards

  2. @ScrumMasterNZ says:

    Twitter might be your next best friend, by documenting your journey via twitter you are sure to get someone in each country willing to help – just need to be clear on what you are doing and what you can do to assist the people you stay with. If you can teach/gleen me a bit of entrepnerial splendor – I’ll let you stay!

  3. Deal!

    ETA Auckland: Early November 2011

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