Modes of travel

In this age it’s really simple to roam the world – for the price of one four-person four-week high-season vacation you can easily get a round the world ticket from various merchants. Add 50% and you can even travel round the world business class.

But this comfort comes at a price – an it’s a price that makes the merits of the journey questionable.

The price of course is the loss of flexibility. And spontaneity. And rapport.

(to be continued…)

@ MP, Udo and other RSS users: Do you get an update when I change this article (which just happened BTW)
And how about updates when I update the “published on” attribute?


About Michael Mahlberg

Traveling the world, living life and building another software and consulting business - perhaps. Although I've been dubbed "serial entrepreneur", I'm still caring about the craft of software development & have been consulting on software development processes and architecture since the last millennium.
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  1. Udo Pracht says:

    Regarding your question about the update via RSS: The answer is no 😦
    As I read your request on Friday, I just came by to check and saw the change but my feed reader didn’t get it at all…

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