Setting up the utilities

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get from naught to operations with regard to software development?
In the end this post will describe how to go from a clean OS X system (aka out of the box) to a development machine for the types of development I’m aiming for.

But of course this is just my idea of  the way to get to a clean and maintainable system – remember that YMMV!  But this approach works for me.

  1. Bare System
  2. + Xbench [a + indicates an installation ]
  3. Update OS X to current version
  4. + Skype
  5. + iWork
  6. Update all software to current version (via software update)
  7. setup Safari (No auto-load, bookmarks, homepage)
  8. Backup (Time Machine)
  9. + SuperDuper!
  10. Backup (SuperDuper)
  11. Clone Disk (twice)
  12. enable sudo
  13. + homebrew (download instead of curl to tar)
  14. + xcode
  15. + brew git [+brew means installed via homebrew, which btw worked on 966 files requiring 18M and completed the build in 73 seconds]
  16. + Click to Flash
  17. + Flash [Note the order!]
  18. + Perian
  19. + Growl
  20. + twitter (via appstore – gasp! )
  21. generate ssh keys
  22. + github (connection to)
  23. + dropbox
  24. +MacVim (because I’m a keyboard junkie and because Yehuda said so 😉 )
  25. +teleport (because I’m still working with my regular laptop as well)
  26. +gpg (via GPG-Tools after sone consideration)

Specific Setup for Website development

  1. IcoMaker to create favicons
  2. CSS-Edit – at least until I really know CSS

Of course this list is not yet (2011-02-25) complete by far! But since this is not my primary computer I can take a real long time to set it up.


About Michael Mahlberg

Traveling the world, living life and building another software and consulting business - perhaps. Although I've been dubbed "serial entrepreneur", I'm still caring about the craft of software development & have been consulting on software development processes and architecture since the last millennium.
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2 Responses to Setting up the utilities

  1. Hi there,

    what about some kind of live system monitoring like iStatMenu?

    Michael P.

    • Used to use one, but the menubar real-estate it uses up doesn’t seem worth the benefits to me right now – actually that’s one of the reason for my zero-product product (as I will explain later).
      I actually (since the last two boxes 13″ MBP and 11″ MBA) reverted to using the “Activity” when I feel the need. Turns out, I don’t feel the need as often as I thought I would.

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